Nick Jonas I GET THAT A LOT May 19

CBS' 'I Get That A Lot' featuring celebrities pranking everyday people returns with a one-hour special on Wednesday, May 19 @ 8 PM ET/ PT. Stars include Wayne Brady, Tim Gunn, Nick Jonas, Wynonna Judd, Jay Mohr & Martha Stewart. 'I Get That A Lot' features celebrities tricking everyday citizens in a case of supposed 'mistaken identity.'

Working ordinary jobs, these celebrities confuse customers who can't decide if it's the actual celebrity or an astonishing look-alike. As these celebrity jesters continue to deny their true identities, various reactions from their customers solicit exasperated and hilarious responses.

Participants include Wayne Brady working behind the front desk at a nice hotel, Tim Gunn behind the counter at a fast food joint, Nick Jonas working at a girls' clothing shop, Wynonna Judd selling tires, Jay Mohr as a coffee house barista and television host and Martha Stewart as a craft store employee. Photo: GSI.


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