Ny video!

Miley's nya låt 'Can't Be Tamed' från henne suppkomna album. + att denna låt är också hennes nya singel! Love it. <3

Makeawave's tävling

Tryck HÄR för att komma till makeawave's tävling!

Ashley Tisdale: American Idol Family Night!

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Revival Vintage Opening!

Miley Cyrus 'Can't Be Tamed' Premiere Date Announced

Miley Cyrus’ new music video “Can’t Be Tamed” will be premiering exclusively on E! News on Tuesday, May 4th at 7pm.

Will you be tuning in? Read more about Miley’s upcoming album “Can’t Be Tamed” here

Miley Cyrus, Iyaz and Varsity Fanclub teach THE CRAB DANCE!

Hahah faan vad jag dog av garv när jag såg den här videon! xD PEACE

Jonas Brothers CAMP ROCK 2 Memories

More JONAS filming pictures. Playing kickball pix @ JJP. Kevin told People: 'From the minute you walk into the promenade, because we're going to be playing amphitheaters during the summertime, it's going to feel like a whole other world. It's going to feel like you're going to camp. There's going to be things to do from the minute you walk in to the end of the night.

What we're doing is having our friends come out for songs that they are part of, and even Camp Rock songs. So, we'll do our set, we'll do everyone's favorite songs, all the hits, and then bring out Demi.'


Miranda Cosgrove Sparks Fly TOYS R US

Miranda Cosgrove promoting her new album 'Sparks Fly' at Toys R Us Times Square in New York City. Miranda admitted to MTV that the her single 'Kissin' U' is about a real-life love interest: 'The song's about your first love or thinking you're falling in love, so it's just kind of a really happy, sweet song. I did write it about a guy, and I'm afraid he might have heard it and he's going to figure it out!'

Miranda's favorite song on the album is 'Disgusting' is not: 'I love songs that are a little tongue-in-cheek.. Pretty much all the songs are pop/rock. I got to co-write on a lot of the songs. I was trying to find my musical style. I've been..

..playing guitar since I was little.' On naming the album: 'The reason I ended up naming it Sparks Fly [is because] those are the first two words you hear when you pop my album in.' Miranda @ Planet Hollywood getting handprints under!

Miley Cyrus CAN'T BE TAMED Video Set

Pictures from the set of Miley's music video Can't Be Tamed. Via MCyrus.


New Miley Cyrus blog: Hey guys! I made my own youtube account so I can upload more videos for yall! I will continue to do videos for Mworld but for some reason its not working on my computer right now! I’m gonna make my youtube account more for my older fans and then do constant updates for my younger fans on Mileyworld! My youtube account is Youtube/MCFORREALZZZ! I have uploaded any videos yet but I will soon! love you guys! Hope all is well! Xo X M

Shailene Woodley Seventeen Magazine Photoshoot

Having Fun at Universal Studios with Liam - April 23

Joe Jonas, 'Sailing Away With Nick'

Emily 'Miley Be Reppin My Hipstah Glasses'

Pixie Lott Launches Lipsy Fashion Line

Honor Society Salvation Army Visit - NYC

Emily Osment - New Single + Hannah Montanna Update

Vanessa Hudgens Ashley Greene NYLON

Lucy Hale: Send JJJ Questions for Sara Shepard

Popping in on Pretty Little Liars Facebook, Lucy Hale give a teeny preview of her new ABC Family series in a new video.

In the new TV series, four estranged best friends (Hale, Troian Bellisario, and Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson) are reunited one year after their best friend and queen bee of the group, Alison, goes missing - only to discover they’re receiving messages from an anonymous “A” who knows all their secrets.

Pretty Little Liars
premieres Tuesday, June 8th @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

Read more: http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/#ixzz0mKQxWaHc

Sparks Are Flying For Miranda Cosgrove

Meaghan Jette Martin And Dana Davis KIDS IN AMERICA Music Video CLIP!

Jonas Brothers Demi Lovato WORLD Tour

Jonas Brothers announced today a three continent summer concert tour with special guest Demi Lovato. The tour will combine spectacular production with unrivaled performances of both artist's hits as well as music from the Disney Channel Original Movie 'Camp Rock' and its highly anticipated sequel. Adding to the excitement this summer, the tour will also feature appearances by their friends and costars from both 'Camp Rock' movies.

The tour kicks off Tuesday, July 27 in Dallas, Texas, and will continue through out North America, Latin America and Europe throughout the Summer and Fall. Tickets go on sale beginning May 15. Check livenation.com and teamjonas.com for further information on the tour. Beginning Tuesday, May 11, fans will be able to access a 'Camp Rock' themed premium iTouch and iPhone app, which will also be optimized for the iPad, to buy concert tickets.

Nick said: 'We love recording and creating new music in the studio and enjoy doing television but performing live music together for our fans is the ultimate , nothing can compare to the energy from the crowd. We can't wait to get back on the road this summer with Demi and our friends from 'Camp Rock.' Together we're going to bring our fans a show that they'll never forget.'

Concert locations via Team Jonas! Europe: London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy & Spain. Mexico & South America: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru & Argentina.

Nick Jonas Drumming On Beach VIDEO

Miley Cyrus & Producer COUCH CUTIES

Taylor Swift Sony TX7 Cyber Shot Camera

SelenaGomez.Com JOIN THE SCENE!

Justin Bieber TATTOO?

Twilight Eclipse - Trailer

Official Musis Video - Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam

Jonas Brothers Living The Dream

New Valentine's Day Movie Photos!

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Promoshoot & Stills!

Justin Bieber is Sydney Zoo Silly

Nick Jonas & Nicole Anderson are In It To Win It

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas: Kevin is In It to Win It

Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato: Toluca Lake Twosome

Ashley Tisdale & 78violet: Ice Cream Sweeties

Emily Osment: House of Blues Harmonious

The boys explain how they ‘go green’ to Twist Magazine

Kevin Jonas vs David Henrie

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood (April 23, 2010)

NICK JONAS: "You Ruined My Life!"

Dagens bild, kändis & låt.

Så här får ni dagens bild, kändis och låt. :)

Dagens bild - Miley Cyrus & Mitchel Musso på the set of Hannah Montana.

Dagens kändis - Lauren Conrad.

Dagens låt - Holding On To A Dream - Billy Ray Cyrus ft. Miley Cyrus

Jonas Brothers Living The Dream

Taylor Swift Change at ACM Awards

Dagens bilder.

Alyson Stoner Flying Forward Single Cover

Nick Jonas, 'We Make Decisions Together'

Nick featured in PARADE Magazine. Excerpts: 'One of the biggest things I think people struggle with, even at my age, is self-confidence, feeling comfortable in their skin and wanting to find someone who loves them for that.'

'I hope my peers in music and my friends are liking it. I hope they can see my growth in music. It’s a dream of mine to win a Grammy one day.' 'We make decisions together, even when we’re doing things individually.' 'I’ve always been quite driven. I take after my father. He’s a driven person. He’s also a leader. He does a great job as a mentor to all of us.'

On possibly dating Selena Gomez: 'It’s a lot more boring than anyone wants to think.' On his purity ring: 'We like to keep some things private. We appreciate it when people respect that. Everyone has a right to his own business.'


Zac Efron Nessa Hudgens Pump Partners

Zac Efron, showing off his new mustache and filling up his tank, while scantily clad girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens went inside to buy food for the road! Nessa must have gone shopping with Miley recently. Limelight.

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam POSTER



David Henrie WRONGFULLY Arrested?

David and younger brother Lorenzo were arrested for allegedly 'challenging a person to fight' on April 15. Two eyewitnesses at the Universal City Walk scene told Hollywood Life what happened: 'There were some people leaving Universal City in their car and they were being obnoxious. After they left, David’s brother was laughing and being silly about it;

It seemed like he was joking about these people. Then all of a sudden, I saw a security guy push [Lorenzo]. David tried to get to his brother, and all of a sudden there were about five security guys on them. David was being held back as his brother was being held on the ground. They were screaming to each other, ‘Are you OK?’ He was obviously trying to help his little brother out.

A second eyewitness account: 'A bald security guard instigated and provoked [David] and punched him several times in the face. [Lorenzo] was screaming and crying from the pain of having four guys on him, and David was just trying to get the security off his little brother. Then, while one guard handcuffed David, another put his hands on the little brother’s throat and strangled him. He yelled, ‘You’re not so tough now. Shut the f*** up!’'

After being arrested and questioned for two arrested, they were released @ 1:30 AM: David’s rep said: 'Contrary to the reports that have circulated in the media, neither David Henrie nor his 16-year-old brother Lorenzo were trying to start a fight last night at Universal City Walk. In fact, they took appropriate measures to avoid an altercation.

Unfortunately, private security guards released the instigators, and became extremely aggressive with Lorenzo. When David attempted to protect his younger brother, the security guards became equally aggressive with him. Numerous witnesses at the scene confirmed that David and Lorenzo were simply trying to protect themselves from an unjustified use of force.

I am not kidding when I tell you the officers punched David a bunch of times and pushed his bro on the ground. From what I saw, they were doing nothing wrong and the security guys overreacted. There was even a guy next to the, that didn’t even know them, that got hit by a security guy.'


British pop star Pixie Lott filming her latest music video for 'DNA' talking on an old pay phone in Los Angeles, CA Friday afternoon. Photos: Coqueran & Fame.


Ashely Tisdale looked beautiful and physically fit as she busted a move on the set of her CW cheerleading pilot Hellcats with costar Aly Michalka in Vancouver, Canada on Friday. Photos: Flynet.

'Joe's Always Up For A Hardcore Workout'

JonasMagazine Issue #9 March-April 2010 has been released, check it HERE. Including a featured interview with Joe Jonas' physical trainer Joey Rubino! 'Joe loves a challenge and is always up for a hardcore workout. These can consist of Lifting, Plyometrics, Gymnastics, Swimming, Running and Bikram Yoga'.

JoBros On Tour + Meet Them on the JONAS Set!

Did you get a chance to listen to "Take Over with Ernie D" on Radio Disney last night? The Jonas Brothers broke so much news!


* About the new season of JONAS, Nick said, "We have a lot of cool guest stars and storylines. It's going to be the kind of thing where you need to watch week to week...We are getting to the last couple episodes of the season right now and it's getting very intense."


WANT TO VISIT THE SET YOURSELF? Just enter Radio Disney's sweepstakes...CLICK HERE!

FROM RADIO DISNEY: "Beginning April 17 through April 29, Radio Disney will give fans the chance to enter the 'Living The Dream with the Jonas Brothers Sweepstakes. One lucky grand prize winner will travel to Los Angeles to meet the Jonas Brothers on the set of JONAS. The winner will also get a signed guitar by Kevin, a drum set signed by Nick and a microphone signed by Joe. "




* "Hopefully, we'll see you at another concert soon," Kevin said, "because we might be going on tour this summer. Actually, I shouldn't even say 'might'...we are going back on tour this summer!"


* "It's an exciting announcement we're getting ready to make. It will be unlike any tour we've ever done before and we're really looking forward to getting back out there with our fans."


* The guys each revealed their fave songs from this summer's upcoming Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam Disney Channel Original Movie! For Nick, it's "I Wouldn't Change a Thing" (a "Jemi" duet). Kevin said, "I'm a big fan of a song called 'Heart and Soul.' It's a real cool rock 'n' roll song...I can't wait to do it live!" Joe also loves 'I Wouldn't Change a Thing,' but adds, "There is a song that Nick does, 'Introducing Me,' that I think is a great spotlight moment for him." Kevin thinks that Nick's song is "awesome. I have a feeling the girls are going to love that song."

Happy (Belated) 16th, Moises!

Co-stars Emily Osment and Jason Earles helped Moises Arias celebrate his 16th birthday on the set of Hannah Montana on April 12th!

Liten tjej gråter för Justin Bieber.

Så jävla söt flickan är, nu vill man ju typ själv sitta och göra en video och lägga upp när man gråter för Justin. xD

JoBros Take Over Radio Disney and Joe Talks 'Jemi'! (16 April)

(Photo Courtesy of Rick Rowell/Radio Disney)


The guys will be heating up the Radio Disney airwaves TODAY, during Take Over with Ernie D, beginning 6pm ET/3pm PT. The guys will be chatting about the upcoming season premiere of JONAS, the summer premiere of Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam, and the TJ Martell Foundation Family Day fundraising event (where they will be honored)!


Popstar! had the opportunity to hang with the guys in the studio for a bit and got them to spill some juicy deets about JONAS and Camp Rock 2. We have some adorable and hilarious vids (including a not-to-be-missed one from Nick!) from the visit so keep checking back!


First up though, we just HAD to ask Joe about Demi—and all the fans who are totally supporting the couple! Check it out!

TOOOO cute! Love them!

Selena Gomez EL HORMIGUERO 4/13

Watch the show under!

Miley Cyrus Hollywood PERFECTION

Miley Ray Cyrus spent Monday at a photo shoot at 204 Studios in Hollywood looking flawless and perfect. She was visited by Billy, his dogs, Mommy Tish and Mate. When Miley left the studio she drove away in her Mercedes SUV with her three Barbies. Photos: GSI Media.

Dagens bild.

Jag bara älskar hennes blick!


Justin Bieber looking fabulous in the new issue of Teen Vogue! Justin revealed that he shock over all his success: 'I never thought I was destined for any of this.' On his new movie: 'We're trying to set up a movie for me in the near future, it's going to be similar to the story of how I got discovered. Kinda like my own version of 8 Mile.'

Demi Lovato Grey's Anatomy PREVIEW

Demi Lovato will play a frightened patient named Hayley, who might suffer from schizophrenia, see the claw marks in the photo from TV Guide. A new fan of the show, Demi began catching up on Grey's Anatomy during breaks on the set..

..of Camp Rock: The Final Jam. Boyfriend Joe Jonas said: 'Grey’s is a dream role for her. It’s great people are going to see her do different things. I’m really proud of her.' Though he prefers Top Chef over medical dramas.

Meaghan Martin HATE YOU New Song


Selena performing @ HMV on Oxford Street London today. WENN. Facebook: Hey Everyone, Sorry the live feed did not work out so well, I was trying to use the iphone but the service in the store wasn't very good.

Justin Bieber BABY PICTURE

Nick Jonas Before The Storm 'Real Life'

Nick Jonas said 'Before The Storm' was based on 'real life experience'.

Selena Gomez, 'I Still iChat With Demi'

Selena featured in BLISS Magazine [Credit: Ray22UK @ Selena-Fan]. On Taylor Swift: 'She's like a sister to me because she' s older and a big inspiration in my life. Our friendship is all about honesty and we're always there for each other. We love to go out and get yogurt, or hang out at home and do nothing but natter.'

Do you still get to see Demi? 'Unfortunately our schedules are so busy, we don't ge tto hang out as much as we did. But iChat helps!' Duet with Demi? 'That would be awesome! She's got that rocker style and I'm a big more girlie, so we'd compliment each other.'

Do you think you have grown since the Miley-mocking vid days? 'Yes, absolutely. During your teen years you're constantly changing, every month I feel like a different person, to be honest. I'm growing and trying to figure out who I am.'

On writing her song 'I Won't Apologize': 'When I wrote that song I was actually going through the exact thing. The song tlaks abotu changing everything about yourself for someone else, and that's what I did. I almost lost my friends and my family because of it. I was completely different and spent all my time with this person. It wasn't really a good thing. It's important to remember who you are and keep your individuality. That's the lesson I learned eventually.'

Selena will be performing at HMV Oxford Street on Apr 12 at 5 PM. Appearance schedule: 4/10 – 5:19 Show interview (BBC2), 4/10 – Koko Pop interview (Channel 4), 4/12 – Chartshow interview, 4/14 – Spotlight interview (Channel 4), 4/17 – Swap Show interview (BBC2) 4/20 – Blue Peter performance and interview (BBC1). Sel uploaded Fan Pix HERE.

Miley Cyrus MuchMusic Awards 2010 Host

Miley Cyrus is apparently booked to host Canda's 2010 MuchMusic Awards!

Nick Jonas, 'All I Wanna Do Is Smile.'

Wow, Nick Jonas is single and very happy! & Joe wants to build a tree house.

Vanessa Hudgens MIMI RENT STAR

Vanessa Hudgens will star as Mimi in the premiere of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA on August 6, 7 & 8, 2010, according to Broadway World Neil Patrick Harris will his directorial debut. On casting Vanessa, Neil said:

'She came in for a work session, and I must say, Vanessa really impressed. She looks amazing, has great vocal chops, and seems really committed to honoring the somewhat iconic role of Mimi. I look forward to audiences seeing a dark, edgy, and very different side of Vanessa Hudgens this August.'

Tickets, available beginning May 2, may be purchased @ HollywoodBowl.com, by phone at 323-850-2000, in person @ Hollywood Bowl box office, or through Ticketmaster.

Miley, 'I'm Usually The Intimidating One..'

Miley chatted with Daily Record about music industry and her boyfriend: 'I just feel like the industry is so contrived and political right now. If people stepped away and said, 'We're not going to work like this, it's more about our art than the politics', then maybe it would go back to being respected again.

I'd rather be in an industry that I feel like I can be different in, and do things that really inspire me. It's not that I don't love music. I do. But I feel like I just need to get away from that for a little while.'
Miley was intimidated by Liam at first:

'I got a little bit nervous about how big he was, in height. I was like, 'I'm going to have to stand on apple boxes or something'. I was a bit intimidated, even though I'm usually the one who's intimidating someone else.'
Miley wanted Liam as soon as he arrived for his audition: 'He opened the door for me and I was like, 'That was good. He's got the part'.'

Miley will also star in Wings, the story of a girl who finds out she's a fairy. Disney is hoping to extend the film into a franchise that will appeal to Hannah fans. 'I've gone these last five years of doing Hannah Montana with everyone telling me what to do. Now it's up to me and what I think is right in my career, so I'm just going in my own direction. I have to be careful, in a sense,

..to not lose who I am, or the Miley Cyrus factor, by going to do other characters. I still want them to know who I am but I want to extend my audience. I want to continue to do what I love but also give myself new challenges and not just be the same person over and over.'
On her wig: 'One will be in a museum and one will be burned, or something. I can't put it on again. I t's just too much.'



Gallery @ MileyFrance. Miley in Greece's People!

Selena, 'I'm As Complicated As It Can Get'

Selena Gomez joined Radio Disney for a Take Over with Ernie D before she headed to Europe last month. Highlights from interview that aired today: When a Radio Disney caller noted that Selena’s comments about friendship were 'deep,' Selena revealed to Ernie D:

'I’m not simple. I think I’m as complicated as it can get, to be honest. I over-analyze things. I constantly am thinking about the next thing and what the future is rather than just enjoying it, which is my biggest lesson. I need to find someone that can just calm me down from that, because I’m constantly everywhere.'

On Wizards: 'On the show, I would like to guest star as myself. I would like to be on my show as Selena Gomez just for fun. David [Henrie] and I were talking about this and we actually thought it would be funny if Justin was a huge Selena Gomez fan.. We want that to happen just because it would be great to play around with.'

On her Europe trip: 'I’m excited to visit Paris because I hear it’s romantic, so I’ll probably feel very alone. But, it will be fun! It will be fun to go be there and experience it, so I’m going to be excited for that. Interview under!

Demi Moore, 'Miley Is A True Professional'

Demi Moore chatted with Vh1 about her new film 'LOL' with Miley Ray Cyrus: 'She plays my daughter. It's a remake of a French film called 'LOL,' with the same French director [Lisa Azuelos]. She's incredible.'

The film is about a phony family dispatched to rich neighborhoods by corporate America to make them jealous of their possessions. Moore plays the 'mother' of the family opposite David Duchovny. Miley as a teen who gets dumped by her boyfriend while her mother is simultaneously getting over her divorce, causing both to seek out new love while struggling to remain close to each other.

David on Miley: 'She's funny. I watch Hannah Montana with my kids, and I'll be like, 'That girl is funny!'' Demi: 'We're just kind of getting going. She's great, and I think that she is incredibly grounded. [Miley] is a true professional, and she truly has a wonderful family. It really shows.'

APRIL 8TH - Arriving at Capital FM in Leicester Square, London

At Robeks Juice in Toluca Lake - April 9

Är det vara jag eller flera som tycker att Mileys outfit är grymt snygg? xD
Fast alla hennes kläder som man ser henne ha på sig är ju sjukt snygga!

David Henrie Meaghan Martin Bang Improv

David Henrie, Meaghan Martin, Devon Werkheiser & Ashley Argota teach Improv Acting to underprivileged teen at the Bang Comedy Theater in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday evening. @ The Foam Pit under!

Joe Jonas, 'Going Barefoot With Nick!'

Justin Bieber FLIRTING In The Bahamas

Justin Bieber flirting with a cute girl while on vacation in the Bahamas recently. Featured in the new issue of Popstar! [Which has more pix from his vacation!] Justin on E! News & discussing rumored Twitter Trending BAN!

Sex And The City 2 Trailer Featuring Miley

Demi Lovato, 'Snuggles With My Bella'

Tis, 'Anyone Checked Out The Last Song?'

Justin Bieber, 'No One Can Stop Me.'

Justin Bieber featured in the new issue of INTERVIEW Magazine! On his hair: 'I don’t style it. I just blow-dry it and. [I just] kind of shake it.' On Beyoncé: 'I’ve been totally in love with her since I was seven. She kinda broke my heart when she married Jay-Z.' On girlfriends: 'I haven’t been in love yet.

I’ve definitely loved girls. But it’s kinda like puppy love. It’s not the real thing, but that’s what you think at the time.'
On life: 'I want my world to be fun. No parents, no rules, no nothing. Like, no one can stop me. No one can stop me.'




Selena Gomez looking ravishing at the launch of Disney Channel's 'Wizards of Waverly Place' fashion range with George at ASDA on Wednesday. Full Live @ Studio Five interiew under.

Taylor Swift Hayley Williams Wedding Girls

Taylor Swift, rocking straight hair, & Hayley Williams attended Paramore's Josh Farro's wedding in Tennessee on April 3. Farro missed Paramore's latest tour to plan his wedding

Justin Bieber Party In The USA Miley Cover

Selena Naturally LIVE From Studio Five

Joe Jonas, 'I Used To Be So Shy'

Stars like Joe & Kevin Jonas, Ashley Tisdale & Sterling Knight suffered their dorky days in high school and survived. M Magazine revealed their stories about the years that made them stronger. Joe Jonas: 'I used to be afraid to go outside the box and be funny and outgoing. I was so shy.'

Kevin: 'I used to have really bad skin. I went through a tough time with it for a while.' Sterling: 'I didn’t fit in in high school. I wasn’t good at climbing the social ladder. I’m totally a dork.' Tisdale: 'I was really bad at running in class because I had these really skinny legs, I hated it. They called me ‘Chicken legs.’'

Jonas Brothers Barefoot For TOMS Shoes

Miley Ray & Mate AT THE SET


Aww så sööt han är! :D <3

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato - Oceans Outtakes & Bloopers

Var bara tvungen att lägga upp den här videon, älskar den! Joe är så jävla skön seriöst! Dog av skratt första gången då jag såg den. <3

Access Hollywood behind the scenes of "Beastly", Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer

Access Hollywood goes behind the scenes of the upcoming movie “Beastly” with co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer.


The movie is set to come out in July, and in the video below you can see clips from the movie, hear what it was like for Vanessa and Alex to win an award at ShoWest this year.


Both Vanessa and Alex look very cute together and we are excited to see their relationship develop on screen when the movie hits theaters this summer.

Disney News: Access Hollywood Goes Behind The Scenes Of “Beastly” With Vanessa Hudgens And Alex Pettyfer

Miley, 'Nick Will Get Bored With Selena'?

Miley Ray Cyrus reportedly said that Selena Gomez's relationship with her on and off again lover Nick Jonas wouldn't last: 'Is Miley Cyrus really head over heels for ther boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth? She seemed to be hung up with ex Nick Jonas during a spa day with Demi Lovato at LA's Romance Nail Spa..

..on March 16. The insider dished: 'Miley wouldn't stop talking about Nick and his new girlfriend, Selena Gomez. She said Nick can be finicky and he'd probably get bored with her.'



Selena Gomez and family at the Bluebird Restaurant in Chelsea after her sell out gig in London. From Ally: During 'I Don't Miss You At All', Selena said: 'Raise your hand if you've been hurt by somebody' and she put her hand up and said 'I have but it;s always with same person.'

Nick Jonas & The Administration Do Ellen

Demi Lovato, 'Peace. Love. Yogurtland.'

Miley Cyrus, 'I'm Not Hokey'

Miley Cyrus dished to iVillage about Liam Hemsworth and dating. What's the most romantic thing someone can do for you? 'When it's something special or creative.. I'm not hokey, like whatever, dinner on the beach, I'm not like that, I'm not super gushy, I'm a little bit of a tomboy that way.'

On her new boyfriend: 'I fell for Liam the first day [Kissing] in the water. We definitely had a cool connection. We were definitely in tune with each other.' Miley's attitude attracted Liam: 'She was just so normal. She didn't act like she was the biggest pop star in the world.'


'Taylor Swift Has A Sick Sense of Humor'

Emma Stone dished to MTV about her friend Taylor Swift: 'She's so great! We're very different, but she has such a sick sense of humor. Nobody knows that. She's so great. People know ..how hilarious she is. They've seen her on 'SNL.'

People are seeing it more now, and she's so funny and she's exactly who you think she is, and I love that.'
How did they become friends? 'We met at the Young Hollywood Awards for Hollywood Life magazine. We met there three years ago, and then I listened to some of her music, and I wrote her an e-mail saying I liked her music, I swear. And then we started talking and hanging out.'

Emma said that the whole Taylor Swift/ Kanye West fiasco was 'ridiculous.' She said Taylor was 'so awesome and so gracious and fine' after the incident. Video under! It sounds like she means 'sick' as in 'awesome'?

Justin Bieber: White House Easter Egg Roll

He’s such a massive superstar that he’s been invited to perform at the White House, and earlier today (April 5) Justin Bieber was on his way to Pennsylvania Ave for his big gig.

The “One Less Lonely Girl” singer looked to be in good spirits as he strolled past the paparazzi prior to the White House Easter Egg Roll.


Sel performing @ O2 Shepherds Bush Empire.

Meaghan Martin's "Camp Rock 2" Teaser!

"Camp Rock 2" star Meaghan Jette Martin spills some deets on the upcoming Disney Channel movie! Read more at http://popstaronline.com http://twitter.com/popstarmagazine http://facebook.com/popstarmagazine http://myspace.com/popstarmagazine

Justin Bieber @ The White House


Bieber Takes Over

Slut mellan Nick och Selena – igen

Insider: "De var ett par, men är inte ihop längre"

Det råder skilda världar i bandet Jonas Brothers för tillfället.  

Medan äldsta brorsan Kevin Jonas är lyckligt nygift med sin Danielle och mellanbrorsan Joe Jonas visar upp sin nya kärlek Demi Lovato, så lider Nick Jonas av ett krossat hjärta.  

Enligt People har minstingen i bandet nyligen gjort slut med till- och frånflickvännen Selena Gomez.  

Nick och Selena var ett par första gången mellan sommaren 2008 och våren 2009 och, även om de själv aldrig bekräftade det, så har källor avslöjat att de blev ett par igen för ett par månader sedan. Kärleken blev dock inte särskilt långlivad den här gången heller.  

— De var ett par, men de är inte ihop längre, berättar en insider för People.  

Enligt källan gjorde 17-åringarna slut i början på förra månaden. Deras hektiska karriärer anges som orsak till uppbrottet. 

Hannah Montana BBC STYLE

BBC's answer to Hannah Montana is coming to TV. Open auditions will be held in London on March 20 for actors aged 11-15. More info @ ScreenTerrier. ROLE: Sadie Jones, 11-15, Sadie your average pink obsessed, bubble brained girly girl. And neither does she want to be. But with her teens fast approaching she's made a conscious decision to express her feminine side, even if she often ends up being, well, a bit rubbish at it.

Bright as a button, quick-witted and fiery tempered, Girls will want to be her (or be friends with her), whilst the guys will find her funny and smart. Sadie is a rebel with a cause. Determined to express her individuality against the odds, she's unafraid to take the initiative and go for what she wants.

DEDE, 11-14, is the real tomboy of the bunch. That's not to say DeDe's your run of the mill, stereotypical footie playing tomboy. DeDe's passion is science (she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up) and so the whole dolls and dresses thing passed her by – she wanted a Biochemistry Set instead of a Barbie. Hardly a surprise then that the two “boyish” girls became best buds.

KIT, 12-14, Comic Hook: Flamboyant Drama Queen Every show needs a 'Showman' and Kit certainly doesn't disappoint! From jazz hands to tap shoes, a dazzling smile to a dashing BEBO profile, Kit's got the lot. Sort of. And what he lacks, he makes up for in sheer, unbridled self belief. He’s desperate to 'make it', whatever 'making it' means. Kit's made a bee line for the creative arts as he is convinced this is the only environment in which he can be himself.

Like Will & Grace's Jack McFarland, High School Musical's Ryan Evans or Ugly Betty's Justin Suarez before him, Kit Karter is flamboyant, fabulous and hilarious. But unlike his predecessors he's no fluffy push over. In fact it's pretty safe to assume that under that glittering exterior lies a heart of gold and a gritty strength of character, unafraid to fight for who and what he loves.

Miley Cyrus The Last Song #4 Box Office

Miley Cyrus' The Last Song came in #4 at the box office: 'The film generated $16.2 million for the weekend, which coupled with its Wednesday opening grossed $25.5 million in its first five days of release.'

The Last Song's box office numbers failed to top Nicholas Sparks' last film Dear John, which had opening weekend gross of $30.5 million. Clash Of The Titans [#1 $64M], Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too [#2 $30M] & How to Train Your Dragon [#3 $29.2M].

Selena Gomez's Clothing Line Coming To K-Mart

Jonas Brothers Saddleback Easter Photos


Jonas Brothers Four Seasons Family Affair

Jonas Brothers, Danielle Jonas, Demi Lovato leaving the Four Season Hotel in Los Angeles on Easter Sunday. While Kevin and Joe brought their significant others, Nick did spent they day solo.

Justin Bieber EASTER EGG ROLL!

On April 5, 30,000 people from around the US will visit the South Lawn of the White House for the Easter Egg Roll and to hear Justin Bieber sing! According to Time, this year's theme ‘Ready, Set, Go!' which follows the First Lady's Let's ..

..Move! initiative, a national effort to combat childhood obesity. Sara Bareilles, Bieber, Glee cast, Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street & Little Beat will perform. Cole & Dylan Sprouse will also attend!

What's Next For Miley Cyrus?

Jonas Brothers [Saddleback Church]


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