Miranda Cosgrove NEW FEATURE FILM


Paramount and British author/ screenwriter Emma Forrest are set to develop a feature film for Miranda Cosgrove, reports Variety. Miranda's new project is intended to 'rev up youth-oriented MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies'.

Forrest will rewrite 'How Can You Do This to Me?' which revolves around a teen of divorced parents whose life is turned upside down when her parents decide to make another go at being a couple.

Miranda Cosgrove Sparks Fly TOYS R US

Miranda Cosgrove promoting her new album 'Sparks Fly' at Toys R Us Times Square in New York City. Miranda admitted to MTV that the her single 'Kissin' U' is about a real-life love interest: 'The song's about your first love or thinking you're falling in love, so it's just kind of a really happy, sweet song. I did write it about a guy, and I'm afraid he might have heard it and he's going to figure it out!'

Miranda's favorite song on the album is 'Disgusting' is not: 'I love songs that are a little tongue-in-cheek.. Pretty much all the songs are pop/rock. I got to co-write on a lot of the songs. I was trying to find my musical style. I've been..

..playing guitar since I was little.' On naming the album: 'The reason I ended up naming it Sparks Fly [is because] those are the first two words you hear when you pop my album in.' Miranda @ Planet Hollywood getting handprints under!

Sparks Are Flying For Miranda Cosgrove

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