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David Henrie WRONGFULLY Arrested?

David and younger brother Lorenzo were arrested for allegedly 'challenging a person to fight' on April 15. Two eyewitnesses at the Universal City Walk scene told Hollywood Life what happened: 'There were some people leaving Universal City in their car and they were being obnoxious. After they left, David’s brother was laughing and being silly about it;

It seemed like he was joking about these people. Then all of a sudden, I saw a security guy push [Lorenzo]. David tried to get to his brother, and all of a sudden there were about five security guys on them. David was being held back as his brother was being held on the ground. They were screaming to each other, ‘Are you OK?’ He was obviously trying to help his little brother out.

A second eyewitness account: 'A bald security guard instigated and provoked [David] and punched him several times in the face. [Lorenzo] was screaming and crying from the pain of having four guys on him, and David was just trying to get the security off his little brother. Then, while one guard handcuffed David, another put his hands on the little brother’s throat and strangled him. He yelled, ‘You’re not so tough now. Shut the f*** up!’'

After being arrested and questioned for two arrested, they were released @ 1:30 AM: David’s rep said: 'Contrary to the reports that have circulated in the media, neither David Henrie nor his 16-year-old brother Lorenzo were trying to start a fight last night at Universal City Walk. In fact, they took appropriate measures to avoid an altercation.

Unfortunately, private security guards released the instigators, and became extremely aggressive with Lorenzo. When David attempted to protect his younger brother, the security guards became equally aggressive with him. Numerous witnesses at the scene confirmed that David and Lorenzo were simply trying to protect themselves from an unjustified use of force.

I am not kidding when I tell you the officers punched David a bunch of times and pushed his bro on the ground. From what I saw, they were doing nothing wrong and the security guys overreacted. There was even a guy next to the, that didn’t even know them, that got hit by a security guy.'

David Henrie Meaghan Martin Bang Improv

David Henrie, Meaghan Martin, Devon Werkheiser & Ashley Argota teach Improv Acting to underprivileged teen at the Bang Comedy Theater in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday evening. @ The Foam Pit under!

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