Jonas Brothers Demi Lovato WORLD Tour

Jonas Brothers announced today a three continent summer concert tour with special guest Demi Lovato. The tour will combine spectacular production with unrivaled performances of both artist's hits as well as music from the Disney Channel Original Movie 'Camp Rock' and its highly anticipated sequel. Adding to the excitement this summer, the tour will also feature appearances by their friends and costars from both 'Camp Rock' movies.

The tour kicks off Tuesday, July 27 in Dallas, Texas, and will continue through out North America, Latin America and Europe throughout the Summer and Fall. Tickets go on sale beginning May 15. Check and for further information on the tour. Beginning Tuesday, May 11, fans will be able to access a 'Camp Rock' themed premium iTouch and iPhone app, which will also be optimized for the iPad, to buy concert tickets.

Nick said: 'We love recording and creating new music in the studio and enjoy doing television but performing live music together for our fans is the ultimate , nothing can compare to the energy from the crowd. We can't wait to get back on the road this summer with Demi and our friends from 'Camp Rock.' Together we're going to bring our fans a show that they'll never forget.'

Concert locations via Team Jonas! Europe: London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy & Spain. Mexico & South America: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru & Argentina.


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